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Let’s AV It

Being not a celtic troublemaker means I’ve only ever been asked for my democratic opinion through public plebiscite on one occasion before.  And how embarrassingly wrong I was to reject the entirely inevitable collective response to an increasingly globalised world.  … Continue reading

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Reports of LibDemageddon are Greatly Exaggerated

Local election week and there’s a default assumption playing in the media that the Liberal Democrats will take a battering in the local, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections on Thursday. In the right-wing press the Lib Dems are loathed … Continue reading

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The Difference between Government and Opposition 1.01

There’s an interesting set of e-mails we have seen between a member of the public and his MP.  It concerns a query the constituent had about the growing volume of speeding road traffic near his home, located on a road … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Liberals

In many ways it wasn’t different to Liberal Democrat conferences past, the worthiness and rejection of the establishment were all still there; it’s just so was Special Branch and a daily flyover from an RAF Tornado.  Such is life in … Continue reading

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Is the Coalition Bringing out the Hypocrisy in us all?

The Coalition is winning the argument on the economy, so say the polls.  Presumably this is great news for those Lib Dems who actively support the necessary and vigorous deficit cutting drive in the new politics. There is a sense … Continue reading

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The “Muslim Countries” and Aid to Pakistan

There is a simple rule in Fleet Street: if you want to criticise a group or promote some generalisations about them it is easier to hide behind a member of that “community” doing the dirty work on your behalf.  This … Continue reading

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If You Want to Win, Your Entire Political Philosophy Needs to be Shorter Than This Title

Deary me is Twitter not a load of old cobblers.  Regularly mistaken as a social network site (the better description is “microblogging”) it is basically an opportunity to pour forth with whichever brain fart has just bubbled out of your … Continue reading

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The Misogynist’s Manifesto

Charming Chapster Albert Gumpstaff-Borne gives us a new and surprising (if not untypical) angle on the case for electoral reform. Continue reading

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So, You’re the President of Pakistan…

Thousands of your countymen have died in some of the worst floods the country has ever seen and many more have been made homeless.  Anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people have been affected.  Aid is sent from all over the … Continue reading

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