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Match of the Day: it’s Getting Worse

Another Saturday night, another set of boring-but-expensive black shirts, unblinking eyes and clichés galore.  Alexander Netherton brilliantly described it as like a venereal disease:  “Match of the Day is like herpes, there are periods of respite but you can never truly … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga is Controlled by the Illuminati

Pretty obvious when you think about it.  Maybe she’s one of the lizard people.  In fact the evidence is there for all to see.  Still.  Gives some good fodder for the friday caption competition.  Here’s my stab.  Have a go … Continue reading

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Women: Can’t work with them. Can’t bury their bodies in daylight.

One of the few things me and Albert agree on is that you can’t beat the satisfaction of a good morning-visit to the loo. If you’ve got a good, healthy routine it feels like your guts congratulating you every day. Unless … Continue reading

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Give us the Best Name of a Politician

Because we think this guy must be up there.  And of course it means lots of giggling about the various crazee things he gets up to while running Philadelphia.   There must be some others.  John Loony?  Phil Deranged?  Sarah … Continue reading

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Is This Anti-English Discrimination?

I mean I wouldn’t get away with dropping the C word on Scottish TV would I? Not like this genius on BBC Northwest Tonight anyway.  “What did he say?” “Who knows, just broadcast it.  By the time it comes on … Continue reading

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Toilet Wars

Apparently the male habit of leaving the loo seat up is really annoying.  You wouldn’t know it living in my house obviously; not because Mrs Wrongmo is a repetitive nag but because I live in a shed and use a … Continue reading

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