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Let’s invent a conspiracy theory

Of of all the conspiracy theories doing the rounds on the internet my favourite is not the one assuming George Bush to have a hidden set of smarts so vast as to make him capable of the cover up of … Continue reading

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World Ending. Rooney’s Fault.

It was interesting reading of the Sven Goran Eriksson reaction to Wayne Rooney’s sending off against Montenegro. Much derided now, but mainly because of matters that had nothing to do with football.  The fact remains that England’s best performances over … Continue reading

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Reports of LibDemageddon are Greatly Exaggerated

Local election week and there’s a default assumption playing in the media that the Liberal Democrats will take a battering in the local, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections on Thursday. In the right-wing press the Lib Dems are loathed … Continue reading

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Why the FA Cup is Dying

Ah the joy of a Cup weekend, where the cliché factor is high and the attendances are low. The usual flam is trotted out about the romance of the cup followed by the almost perpetual complaints, usually from professional commentators … Continue reading

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Decoding Premier League Hypocrisy

“Rooney har skickats iväg igen, han är en huligan från Liverpool!” It sounded urgent but I had no idea whether it was good news or not.  It turned out the Swedish commentator was lamenting a red card for our old … Continue reading

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Under 11s 5-a-side: Serious Business

You can’t accuse fans of Lech Poznan for not taking their Under 11’s match against Tottenham Hotspur seriously. Fair play to them.  In this country it’s a farce on a muddy pitch before the hardest Dad chases the Ref out … Continue reading

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The Reason England Didn’t Get the World Cup?

So do we know yet the reason for England’s failed World Cup bid?  As ever, the answers are in plain sight.  Yes, the media was responsible – but not, as is claimed, the entirely legitimate and necessary Panorama and Sunday … Continue reading

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The Difference between Government and Opposition 1.01

There’s an interesting set of e-mails we have seen between a member of the public and his MP.  It concerns a query the constituent had about the growing volume of speeding road traffic near his home, located on a road … Continue reading

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The Reason Wayne Rooney is Leaving Manchester United

Today’s newspapers are bulging with Rooney related speculation, leaving most people to try and read between the lines of half-truths and educated guesswork in the Sports press about the reason for the fairly shocking news that Wayne Rooney wants to … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Liberals

In many ways it wasn’t different to Liberal Democrat conferences past, the worthiness and rejection of the establishment were all still there; it’s just so was Special Branch and a daily flyover from an RAF Tornado.  Such is life in … Continue reading

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