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Curing Injunctionitis

It takes a heart of stone not to at least be curious about who the married celebrity that had an affair with his ex-wife after remarrying might be.  This might be why the injunction debate that got the press into … Continue reading

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Viral Urinal

I can promise that the fact this video is in Dutch does not diminish from the magnitude of jaw-drop and general OMGness of the whole thing.  Yes, I’m fairly sure you can work out what’s going on.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Nothing much except Airdrie have gone and covered their match day programme commemorating Remembrance Sunday with a picture of Nazi, not Allied, soldiers heading off to war.  The usual harbingers of doom are demanding resignations, but it’s only a mistake … Continue reading

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Creationists 1 Alfred Wegener 0

Ever wondered how similar animals and plants get to be found on opposite sides of the ocean? Had brain filled with nonsense about continental drift and plate tectonics? Wonder no more.  When the flood destroyed the world’s forests, it must … Continue reading

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Worst Advert Ever?

That’s right Tim.  Spread that Cheese all over that thing.  Is this the worst advert ever? If you’re allergic to *shudder*, look away now.   

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Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness: Unless it’s in the interests of the Popes PR, obviously

So, ‘The Rat’ has landed and Pope-o-mania sweeps over our shores.  He’s not best impressed by us and the whole equality schtick we’ve been getting on with since the last papal visit in the seventies and it’s clear to see … Continue reading

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The “Muslim Countries” and Aid to Pakistan

There is a simple rule in Fleet Street: if you want to criticise a group or promote some generalisations about them it is easier to hide behind a member of that “community” doing the dirty work on your behalf.  This … Continue reading

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The Stig: Dashing Man of Mystery or Motorway Rapist?

So what has poor Kate Silverton done to Barbara Ellen of the Observer? Silverton was expressing her admiration for Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ after appearing on the show (at about 0.22.30 here): “He was completely cloaked in secrecy.  But I … Continue reading

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So, You’re the President of Pakistan…

Thousands of your countymen have died in some of the worst floods the country has ever seen and many more have been made homeless.  Anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people have been affected.  Aid is sent from all over the … Continue reading

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