World Ending. Rooney’s Fault.

The hunt for the Europ 2012 Scapegoat finished earlier than usual this year.

It was interesting reading of the Sven Goran Eriksson reaction to Wayne Rooney’s sending off against Montenegro.

Much derided now, but mainly because of matters that had nothing to do with football.  The fact remains that England’s best performances over the last decade were during Sven’s tenure. 

So on matters England he knows what he’s talking about, and when he is talking – and this isn’t meant to be catty – the rest of us can at least comprehend what he is saying. 

And what he was saying was interesting: that although the reaction to Rooney’s sending off was broadly the same as it would be elsewhere, the key difference here is the media’s need to keep the story bubbling for as long as possible. 

In Italy, says Sven, after the initial few days they move on.  But not here.  Our media drag the story out as long as possible.  Perhaps until the rest of us surrender to the message they want us to take.

Fortunately we can always rely on the Daily Mail to lead from the front in this sort of activity.  Especially when it is coupled with some ludicrous and hypocritical moralising

Because now the “shameful behaviour” of the “disgraced” Rooney has caused an impressionable young boy to copy him.  Seven year old Lucas Berry kicked a team mate in training.  His father “confirmed that the boy was imitating Rooney.”

Some paragraphs later the Mail eventually confirms that Lucas had been in trouble before “for punching, fighting and stamping.”  So it probably wasn’t anything to do with Rooney at all.  And thinking about it, at seven I couldn’t sit through 90 minutes of a European Championship qualifier.  Let alone one in which Fabio Capello is the tactical helmsman.

But if we’re going to keep this rubbish rumbling on until England’s inevitable betrayal of our national hype in June, then we’re going to need to demonstrate that children kicking other children, the Tottenham riots, Liam Fox’s resignation and the failure to arrest Gadaffi are all in some part because of the evil, intemperate unBritishness of  Wayne “Wazza” Rooney, 25.

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