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Match of the Day: it’s Getting Worse

Another Saturday night, another set of boring-but-expensive black shirts, unblinking eyes and clichés galore.  Alexander Netherton brilliantly described it as like a venereal disease:  “Match of the Day is like herpes, there are periods of respite but you can never truly … Continue reading

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Curing Injunctionitis

It takes a heart of stone not to at least be curious about who the married celebrity that had an affair with his ex-wife after remarrying might be.  This might be why the injunction debate that got the press into … Continue reading

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Let’s AV It

Being not a celtic troublemaker means I’ve only ever been asked for my democratic opinion through public plebiscite on one occasion before.  And how embarrassingly wrong I was to reject the entirely inevitable collective response to an increasingly globalised world.  … Continue reading

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Reports of LibDemageddon are Greatly Exaggerated

Local election week and there’s a default assumption playing in the media that the Liberal Democrats will take a battering in the local, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections on Thursday. In the right-wing press the Lib Dems are loathed … Continue reading

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