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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Nothing much except Airdrie have gone and covered their match day programme commemorating Remembrance Sunday with a picture of Nazi, not Allied, soldiers heading off to war.  The usual harbingers of doom are demanding resignations, but it’s only a mistake … Continue reading

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Women: Can’t work with them. Can’t bury their bodies in daylight.

One of the few things me and Albert agree on is that you can’t beat the satisfaction of a good morning-visit to the loo. If you’ve got a good, healthy routine it feels like your guts congratulating you every day. Unless … Continue reading

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Creationists 1 Alfred Wegener 0

Ever wondered how similar animals and plants get to be found on opposite sides of the ocean? Had brain filled with nonsense about continental drift and plate tectonics? Wonder no more.  When the flood destroyed the world’s forests, it must … Continue reading

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The Difference between Government and Opposition 1.01

There’s an interesting set of e-mails we have seen between a member of the public and his MP.  It concerns a query the constituent had about the growing volume of speeding road traffic near his home, located on a road … Continue reading

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