Campaign for an English National Anthem

Giddy as I am with quivering excitement about the possibility of being taken to see England play Scotland in the Six Nations, it raises that often awful prospect that a true Monarch-loving nationalist as myself faces whenever England face another British nation at sport. 

For reasons possibly of supposed characteristic hubris or arrogance, England insist on their ‘national anthem’ being God Save The Queen.  An admirable pursuit, obviously.  But theft is theft.  GSTQ is the British national anthem and should be reserved exclusively either for when the United Kingdom is competing or when, I grant you, when competing as the oddity that is Great Britain (i.e, UK sans Northern Ireland, as is the case in the Olympic Games).

When competing as constituent nations Scotland have their own anthem.  Wales a gorgeous, thumping, ditty of pride that is the very essence of what an Anthem is. 

Neither feel entitled to borrow GSTQ so why do the English feel they have a right to do so?

The same practice takes place in soccer.  And of course with it being football, it gives us the awful prospect of proud Scots and Welshmen booing God Save The Queen as some basically awful people of limited evolutionary heritage mumble out their determination to fight for our sovereign before capitulating in a typically flat manner. 

It cannot be allowed to continue.  Even our MPs agree, although only 24 of them.  Too busy expressing their stroppiness over Russell Brand, clearly. 

That is why I am starting a new campaign to promote a new English anthem. No longer should this subtle message that Britishness and Englishness are ostensibly the same thing be allowed to propagate – and in doing so only further the causes of celtic separatists.  A dangerous political game to play if indeed a referendum on destroying the Union is in the offing.

How depressing it would be for such a campaign to be steeped in high notions of Scottishness and identity on one side, and crude (and temporary) economic dependence on the other: with only harsh present-day realities of the economy to bind historic Britain back together. 

My first shot across the bow is letters to the people that matter at both the Football Association and RFU.  You can see a copy of this missive here

Let me know if you support the effort! Jerusalem ahoy!

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2 Responses to Campaign for an English National Anthem

  1. Tabman says:

    Agree, agree, AGREE!!!

    GSTQ is in anycase an awful dirge. Jerusalem all the way.

  2. anthropith says:

    Not bloody Jerusalem!
    Who wants that awful drone, named for another country’s capital city implying thatthe only great thing about England is the vanishingly small possibility that it can claim a small slice of something that people say is good about another country!
    What’s more, is a hymn really suitable for a secular age?

    How about a rousing bit of Pomp and Circumstance? Written by a famous Englishman, for England, about England? Much more appropriate, and everyone can join in.

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