Toilet Wars

Manloos Rock

Apparently the male habit of leaving the loo seat up is really annoying.  You wouldn’t know it living in my house obviously; not because Mrs Wrongmo is a repetitive nag but because I live in a shed and use a small hole in the ground. 

Anyway joking aside there is now official stats and stuff to back this up.  Co-ordinated by a telemarketing company so you know you can trust it. 

Their survey of 1,165 women revealed that the most irritating habit of their other halves involves leaving the toilet seat up. 

Now I’m no crazed sexist, but why is this irritating?  Is it so difficult to put it down before using it?  You’ve even got gravity on your side.    

Anyway – I reckon these ladies should try and see the positive.  Surely if you find the seat up, you are at least reassured that I bothered to lift it in the first place and not just wee all over the seat. 

And of course none of this is worse than discovering the red tint in the water: the calling card of a used tampon refusing to dislodge from the u-bend. 


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One Response to Toilet Wars

  1. Hodge Podge says:

    You ever sat down on a toilet only to find the seats up? Yeah, back bruising, a potentially wet bum and a loss of dignity. I think people living together need to pick whether it gets left up or down and stick with it, so there are no midnight/drunk accidents

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