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Good Ol’ Liberals

In many ways it wasn’t different to Liberal Democrat conferences past, the worthiness and rejection of the establishment were all still there; it’s just so was Special Branch and a daily flyover from an RAF Tornado.  Such is life in … Continue reading

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Is This Anti-English Discrimination?

I mean I wouldn’t get away with dropping the C word on Scottish TV would I? Not like this genius on BBC Northwest Tonight anyway.  “What did he say?” “Who knows, just broadcast it.  By the time it comes on … Continue reading

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Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness: Unless it’s in the interests of the Popes PR, obviously

So, ‘The Rat’ has landed and Pope-o-mania sweeps over our shores.  He’s not best impressed by us and the whole equality schtick we’ve been getting on with since the last papal visit in the seventies and it’s clear to see … Continue reading

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Is the Coalition Bringing out the Hypocrisy in us all?

The Coalition is winning the argument on the economy, so say the polls.  Presumably this is great news for those Lib Dems who actively support the necessary and vigorous deficit cutting drive in the new politics. There is a sense … Continue reading

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Toilet Wars

Apparently the male habit of leaving the loo seat up is really annoying.  You wouldn’t know it living in my house obviously; not because Mrs Wrongmo is a repetitive nag but because I live in a shed and use a … Continue reading

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No, Minister. I’m afraid you’re just keeping the seat warm

Buried in the morass of dreary bills and suchlike from this morning’s post was a letter from a Minister of Her Majesty’s Government.  It comes in response to a letter I had written regarding some concerns raised by friends of … Continue reading

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