The Stig: Dashing Man of Mystery or Motorway Rapist?

"I do love the M6 toll road, don't you?"

So what has poor Kate Silverton done to Barbara Ellen of the Observer?

Silverton was expressing her admiration for Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ after appearing on the show (at about 0.22.30 here):

“He was completely cloaked in secrecy.  But I have to say – his eyes were quite piercing.  Fiona Bruce and I both thought that he seemed quite hot…  The eyes have it for me.”

Only to then read Barbara Ellen in The Observer saying:

“One hears that there are women who find the Stig extremely sexy, but these may be the same women who accept marriage proposals from men locked up on the top security wings of US jails. In truth, the perma-helmet is downright creepy.  While men may be thinking: “Cool, risk-taking, tarmac-surfing super-dude”, women are thinking: “Motorway rapist?”

Both were discussing this week’s revelations (that I’m not really sure were revelations, what with them repeating what had been reported in January) that Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ was a driver called Ben Collins.

Bizarrely, in looking for a copy of the Observer story to link to, Google forced me towards a forum for asexuals who seem to have taken most umbridge at Ellen’s critique, or at least her specific reference to the asexuality of Stig’s uniform.  

Mind you.  If people in white suits and helmets are the best we can do for sex symbols maybe asexuality isn’t quite as depressing as it sounds.

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