So, You’re the President of Pakistan…

Chinless, headless wonder

Thousands of your countymen have died in some of the worst floods the country has ever seen and many more have been made homeless.  Anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people have been affected.  Aid is sent from all over the world.

More rain is forecast to fall in what has been described by one of your government ministers as “the worst calamity in our history.”

So what do you do?

That’s right.  You get on a plane and travel to Europe to chat with David Cameron about comments he made on Pakistan’s efforts to confront terrorism last week.

Who knows?  Maybe Cameron is exactly the right person to share space with when you want to shelter from criticism about deserting your people when the floods come?

Still, at least your citizens have had the right idea about how to respond to Cameron’s comments.  You haven’t achieved anything if you haven’t had a really crappy effigy of you burnt on the streets of Karachi.

But is the effigy itself not a commentary on Cameron so far; what with those leadership rumbles in the not too distant past, the failure to win the general election outright, and with some uninspiring guff filling the hole vacated by policy, that our Death to Cameron friends couldn’t be bothered making a head for the thing?

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