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The “Muslim Countries” and Aid to Pakistan

There is a simple rule in Fleet Street: if you want to criticise a group or promote some generalisations about them it is easier to hide behind a member of that “community” doing the dirty work on your behalf.  This … Continue reading

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The Stig: Dashing Man of Mystery or Motorway Rapist?

So what has poor Kate Silverton done to Barbara Ellen of the Observer? Silverton was expressing her admiration for Top Gear’s ‘The Stig’ after appearing on the show (at about 0.22.30 here): “He was completely cloaked in secrecy.  But I … Continue reading

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If You Want to Win, Your Entire Political Philosophy Needs to be Shorter Than This Title

Deary me is Twitter not a load of old cobblers.  Regularly mistaken as a social network site (the better description is “microblogging”) it is basically an opportunity to pour forth with whichever brain fart has just bubbled out of your … Continue reading

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The England Circus Returns

I do quite like Steven Gerrard.   This is not an easy affection for a Manchester United supporter to admit to.  He is dignified and gracious, but no happy loser.  He’s clearly determined to win silverware, but loyal enough not to … Continue reading

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The Misogynist’s Manifesto

Charming Chapster Albert Gumpstaff-Borne gives us a new and surprising (if not untypical) angle on the case for electoral reform. Continue reading

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So, You’re the President of Pakistan…

Thousands of your countymen have died in some of the worst floods the country has ever seen and many more have been made homeless.  Anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people have been affected.  Aid is sent from all over the … Continue reading

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